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Kenwood Radio problems

When I bought my Boxster, it had a Porsche radio in it with a cassette player. I don't have cassettes anymore, and I listen to audiobooks on CD as I drive. We bought a Kenwood radio from Crutchfields. My problem is that the sound doesn't come on all the time when I start the engine. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, I can see the seconds counting down on the panel, so it's playing the audiobook. Occasionally it will suddenly start playing after a few minutes, where ever it is at that point in the book, so I have to hunt for where it was when I last parked. If I turn off the radio, then restart it, cycle through all of the Pandora, local radio, etc., and get back to the CD setting, it will usually have sound immediately. I shouldn't have to do that, though

This seems like a problem within the radio itself, or the settings. The buttons are so tiny I can't read them even when parked. The instruction manual didn't help. Any idea where to start troubleshooting? I'm about ready to toss it in the trash.
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