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Originally Posted by Franco
Hi Everyone, first of all let me say this is a fantastic forum, Congratz! I am looking to buy a spoiler for my 97 boxster from spoilerdepot on ebay which they are posting as we speak.

They told me the spoiler will fit 98-03 boxsters only, because the 97 trunk lid was changed in 98. I am not convinced of this, could anybody clarify if in fact the trunk lid was changed? I don't want to buy the spoiler and find out they were right.

Thanks, Frank

The Trunk lid is referred to as a Cover and the part number is 986.512.011.02 GRV and the Spoiler itself is made up of several parts with part number: Upper Part - 986.504.609.01.G2X, Bracket - 986.504.613.01. None of these parts is model-year specific, they are universal.

As mentioned, your Boxster already has the Spoiler. If you want to change it, I'd be leery of a company who doesn't know that it s/b universal and doesn't know that much about the application for their product. Good Luck!...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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