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2005 can be one or the other regarding the IMS... Don't think there is any way to tell without dropping tranny pretty sure. Not sure if intermix is a wide spread problem, but it happens. If you want to avoid all of the above you need to bump up to 2007+ even then the IMS is still there but pretty much a non issue due to the redesign. Need to go 2009+ to loose the IMS.

The IMS aside, most of the "issues" these cars have are fairly typical of cars that are 15-20yrs old. Spotty maintenance, perhaps too much sitting around, etc takes its toll. Replacing the items with the best parts avail should keep them running without too much problem. Regarding intermix, essentially we are talking head issues in worse case scenarios... own a few Subaru's and head sealing issues (intermix) becomes a daily discussion almost. Plenty of other cars with head gasket issues that can often time be directly attributed, one way or another, to maint. Cooling system, proper oil changes intervals etc.
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