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Looking for some info from the 986 experts on here about a 2005 987 Boxster S

I have an opportunity to pick up a 2005 Boxster S at a very reasonable price. I have to fish or cut bait on the car in the next two days. I know this is the 986 forum, but hopefully a few of you guys have some good insight into the 987's as well.

- Are the 2005 987's more or less prone to intermix as the 986's are? That's what took my 2002 S model down and I would really prefer not to deal with that nightmare again.

-I can't seem to get a straight answer on the accessibility and ability to change the IMS bearing in a 2005. Some say yes, some say no, some say it depends. What's the deal?

-If it can't be changed, are they less or more likely to eat up an IMS bearing as the 986's?

-Are there any common failure points in the 987's to look out for? With our 986's, we have to deal with IMS issues, water pump issues, oil/coolant intermix, coolant tanks leaking, AOS failures, and a host of other much too common failure points. This 986 engine is not exactly Porsche's finest engineering moment. Did they get any of that sorted out in the 2005 987's?

-Any general consensus as to the 986 vs. 987's - Performance, durability, desirability, any general info at all would be appreciated.

Thanks guys, I appreciate any input you guys might have. If I can move up a generation, assuming they're good cars, and pick up a bit of power and performance, and not have to do the labor on an engine swap I think I'd prefer to do that, but of course I'd like to know more about the 987's. I just don't know too much about them.
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