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So I drove an AMG Mercedes today

So, I fixed my Boxster and it ended up not being the maf after all. Anyway, I took it down to my friends lot and let him drive it now that its running great! Let me clear up the problem. MN Boxster was pretty close when he said vacuum leak. There is a valve in the duct work that closes when the blower makes boost. Well the vacuum line that I had previously repaired one end had a dry rotted other end. The valve wasnt shutting and boost was real late in the game and not going into the motor but out the air cleaner. Now Im making boost around 2k and the car is a completely different animal. My buddy says he needs gas and I can drive the Mercedes if I want. Uh yeah! 119k AMG and then he tells me to get on it, I replied " Use my phone lets get a video" to him no big deal, me big deal. So 500 hp that is so smooth you could sip a cappicuno at 130 while accelerating. It didnt slow down or hesitate during shift changes, just went faster. WOW! The video is funny because Im hauling ass and you cant even tell.
You push a button and the trunk lid raises automaticaly and shuts the same way. The seats were air conditionedw, the options just go on and on. Heres a cell phone pic that really sucks. Its the 2-dr supercharged model.
Sorry about the terrible pic my phone was dying.
2002 TT
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