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Just found this thread. I have number 1288 with 52500 miles. Second owner. Bought in 2011 with 11,000 miles. Mine has the cocoa interior and top. Tiptronic transmission which I wasn't crazy about but the car was in too good a shape and at the right price, Have gotten used to it and kind if like it now.

Car had headliner sag when I bought it but managed to convince local dealer to split the repair costs. Replaced a camshaft sensor a year ago. The door arm rest covers and door sill panels were beat up. Solved that by upholstering the plastic door hardware with black leather and polishing out the door sills. Added a new Pioneer 8200 sound system last year with nav, phone and backup camera.

Car is in pretty good shape except top is showing wear on the passenger side (small hole starting). Looking at some of your photos looks like a common problem. So far I haven't been able to find a matching replacement top in brown. Anybody know where I can get one?

Other issue is mild road rash on rims. Understand that the spokes are Seal Grey but don't know what a match is for the silver. Suncoast Porsche sells a wheel touch up kit. May try that if I can't find a code.
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