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Originally Posted by Brucelee
...You DO recycle that oil, right?...

What else are you going to do with almost 10 Qts. of dirty Mobil 1? I'm fortunate in that there is a Firestone Tire & Service Center 2 blocks from my house. They first didn't want to take my used oil until I pointed out to them that State Law mandates that they accept up to 5 gal. of used oil free of charge daily (check your local regulations as most states have adopted similar policies for businesses that perform oil changes).

Where they get you is that they aren't mandated to accept a used filter, so they charge $5 for this. But, we have a county recyling facility about 6 miles from my house which will accept the filters for free, so I take them there. I'd much rather risk a panic stop in traffic with a few plastic wrapped filters than 5 gal. of used oil in the back of my SUV...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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