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Originally Posted by motoadve
Thanks, but actually what I need is actually how to go thru the funtions of the Onboard computer, sometimes guessing I get to radio , speed limit, units ect, but its always guessing.
I want to know what funtions does my car has and how to work them.

OK... you're car's OBC has 9 functions. They are:
  • Ambient (outside) Temperature
    Average Fuel Consumption (MPG)
    Average Speed
    Calculated Range on existing fuel (Range)
    Cruise Control over-speed warning (Speed Gong)
    Digital Spedometer
    Driver Settings
    Engine Oil Level Gauge
    Stored Warnings (OBDII and DTC codes)

You can scroll through the various modes by moving the 4th column stalk (lower left-hand side) either Up or Down. Pulling the stalk toward you and holding it for 2-3 sec. will reset that function to Zero. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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