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Originally Posted by bmussatti
What is the best fuel stabilizer to purchase for winter storage? Thanks.


They're all pretty much the same. I've been using StaBil for years with satisfactory results.

The key here is to get the tank as empty as you can. Then go to the station and add the pre-measured StaBil before filling up to insure that it mixes thoroughly. Then, drive home allowing the StaBil to circulate through the Filter. Hoses, and Injectors.

Once home, I also use a Gas Can to then top-off the tank to eliminate as much air in the Tank as possible because during the storage period, as the temperatures vary, moisture laden air can migrate into the Tank (because the fuel expands/contracts, it will actually pull air into/out of the Tank). Later, the moisture will condense from the air inside the Tank where it can cause corrosion. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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