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Originally Posted by z12358
Very nice! White looks so good on the Box and P-cars in general. There were a lot of great looking white P-cars (old and new) at the DE event this weekend.

Why didn't you get the 19"s when you first bought the car?
thanks for the compliments b, but sometimes I wish I had the S on the back like yours....oh well....once ohio installs me a supercharger like his I'll be all set.

To answer the rim question, I didn't get the 19's probably for failure to keep negotiating. Buying the box was a long draining process and I had already walked out several times. I think I got caught up not wanting to feel like I got suckered. They had 19's on a red boxster S and I did ask that they swap them out, actually I asked them to swap them, put winter tires on the 18's and that I would pay for it. The reply was they couldn't pull the rims off because it was already optioned on the car. Well I guess we all really know better but at the time I had other options in mind, including selling the 18's on ebay, or stealing them off bmussatti's sweet ride, and blah very long story short.

When I pick up my brand new 2012 450 HP Boxster S, I'll make sure it comes with 22's
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