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It felt a lot like when I used go mountain riding in the crouch rockets with my friends.We use to do it even in the rain too, and on the edge.

Difference is, in the Bike everytime I was on the edge I thought Im going to kill myself.This is too dangerous.
With the Boxster was" Im going to destroy the car" in one of the rear drifts I got a bit scared but the PSM straightened the car (its like cheating).

I dont go out on the mountains anymore with the bike, waay too fast and dangerous, got 3 close calls and that was enough.
The car can be dangerous too but its not as fast as the bike and you have some protection.
A small crash with the car can be a fatal one on a bike.
Knock on wood , and Im not planning on crashing and going that fast again in the wet ( a bit slower or smoother next time).
Ton of fun though!
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