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Driving it where is meat to be driven!!!

Went for a 2 day mountain drive, wet, rainy , my friend is a racer and was driving a Peugeot RC , I was following in my 05 trip.

Weather wasnt good but had a blast anyway.

No traffic and a windy road in the mountains pushing the limits in the rain, got drifting the rear 3 times on the first day, the Boxster is just amazing !!!(PSM)
Handling, braking, suspension, everything I drove to my limit , my friend in front (who knows the road a lot) was driving his car to the limit (no contest at all for the Boxster).I was pushing him
At night he gave me some sport driving tips.
The second day , I was in front , the Boxster just smoked him,2, 3 , turns and I was gone.
Waited , and again 2 , 3 turns and I will be gone.
He races cars, Im just casual driver (Motorcycle racer) and new to sport driving, The Boxster was just perfect for this conditionds , big adrenaline rush, lots of fun.
Wasnt fast going,top speed the whole weekend was 80MPH ,was just tight turn after turn mostly 2nd gear and 3rd.

People worry too much about 0-60 times (although I dont like loosing almost a second to the 5 gear shift model), to me what counts is the handling, the Boxster will beat most sport cars in these conditionds.

So if anyone has never taken their Boxster to a Mountain road, go do it, you will be very impressed and have a blast.
Invite anyone with a Corvette, Mercedes,BMW and you will beat them for sure!!!
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