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some additional thoughts

The explanation of driveline loss from engine to wheels sounds right. My last car was an Acura RSX-s. It advertised 200 HP and I dynoed it with 3k miles. It dynoed at 174, which is 12%-13% loss. After bolt-on mods mods it dynoed at 204whp, very easy and cheap to make power.

After a couple of years, with no further mods, whp went up by 6. It dynoed @ 210whp @ 30K mi. I think cars perform better from 25K -75K miles. I dynoed my Z28 every year I owned it (it was free), and it didn't begin to lose power until 85K miles. Power was down 7% at 140K miles, so unless you have major engine problems you shouldn't lose power anytime soon.

One last thought.... When comparing AWD-RWD-FWD power loss, these are ordered most loss to least loss, but wouldn't a mid or rear engine be more similar to a FWD than RWD. Based on proximity if engine to drive wheels, there is no drive shaft or rear diff that most RWD cars have, which causes most of the additional loss. The Boxster's drivetrain would probably lose closer to 12%, which is more consistant with FWD.

Just my thoughts
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