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Originally Posted by BrantyB View Post
You may find a size for RE71s that'll work on stock 17's. But stock 17" front is 205 v 225 for 18s. Some people run a square 17" setup but I think to balance the car properly you'd need some sway bar changes too. Another really good AutoX tire is the Rival S 1.5. (not a lot of size options), And the new Azenis RT615+ seem like a good value. is a good resource for comparing different size wheels and tires.

You should be able to find some used OEM 18s for $500+/-

As for the GT3 LCAs, they make a big difference but at a sizable cost. I autoX'd 3 times without them and looked at the shoulder wear then pulled the trigger. I'm sure you'd be fine for a while without them. But start saving and searching for a set to pop up.

Hope my $0.02 helps.
I run 225 fronts on 18" 205 rims. Works like a champ and has the added advantage of making the stock setup less staggered. It helps reduce understeering. After I switched to this setup the main issue is not enough negative camber, especially on track, but also on AX. Since camber has nothing to do with rims and tires that's my next point of attack.
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