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Originally Posted by phook View Post
Also, do you recommend going for the GT3 LCA before I take it to my first HPDE?
No, GT-3 LCA's are definitely not required. It will typically take a little time for you to learn to drive at the limit to the extent that you'll need the GT3 LCA's. The obvious sign that you need more camber is when the outside 1/3 of the tire is done and the inside 1/3 of the tire still looks fine.

Originally Posted by phook View Post
Or do you think my tires would be okay for a little while if I just max out the negative camber on the stock set up?
Yes, this will help turn in and cornering grip and the stock adjustment is small enough that it won't negatively affect tire wear on the street too badly.

Originally Posted by phook View Post
The LCAs are a little pricey, but I can justify the cost later on if it saves me money on tires.
Eventually, it will be a tradeoff: maximizing corner performance vs track tire wear vs street tire wear.

Unfortunately there isn't any free lunch so you'll have to find the best compromise for your driving objectives (both on and off track) and budget.
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