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Mike, I don't know about the PSM on the 996 GT3.
Just got back from my second day at the track. A blast and a gorgeous day. And the Black and Red groups had a chance to really stretch their legs on their slicks. Holy cr*p those guys are so fast!

People are having discussions here in other threads about how Porsches are so overpiced relative to the competition but after today I am more convinced than ever that they are not. To see all these P-cars of all ages just ripping the track all day without getting tired one bit... After all that breaking I thought my brakes were supposed to give up (fade) after my second run, but they kept on going and going. If that was any other car they would have definitely given up. The engine sounded better and better as the day went by. I just love these cars. And they love to be pushed.

I also had many conversations with people at the event. Many decided to go with a Porsche exactly beacuse of how organized PCA is with events like this -- like no other organization. It's a thrill to participate and share this enthusiasm. People waving at each other, with big grins on their faces, just saying hello for no other reason than being parts of something so exciting.

As I was driving back from the event. 5pm sun on a crisp clear day in CT, top down, colors, windy roads, cooling off the car, the brakes -- I felt so relaxed and elated. A P-car comes from the other direction, and I blink with my lights just as I said hi to so many people at the event, and the guy just passes by. Didn't upset me one bit -- as I was still floating in good chemicals in my brain from the DE -- but it made me think... If this guy was at this event today he would have definitely blinked back.

So there it goes...
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