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You may find a size for RE71s that'll work on stock 17's. But stock 17" front is 205 v 225 for 18s. Some people run a square 17" setup but I think to balance the car properly you'd need some sway bar changes too. Another really good AutoX tire is the Rival S 1.5. (not a lot of size options), And the new Azenis RT615+ seem like a good value. is a good resource for comparing different size wheels and tires.

You should be able to find some used OEM 18s for $500+/-

As for the GT3 LCAs, they make a big difference but at a sizable cost. I autoX'd 3 times without them and looked at the shoulder wear then pulled the trigger. I'm sure you'd be fine for a while without them. But start saving and searching for a set to pop up.

Hope my $0.02 helps.
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