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Originally Posted by BrantyB View Post
I'm not familiar with BSX setup. I say 18s to start because RE71s fit stock size. If you go with a square or squarish setup, 17s may be the way to go.
BSX is pretty much Spec Boxster set up while remaining street legal. Since my car isn't eligible as a Spec Boxster, I could be flexible with the modifications. I was using the Spec Boxster build as a guideline.

I'll consider the RE71R if I come across some nice 18s at a good price. What do you think the comparable 17 tires are?

Also, do you recommend going for the GT3 LCA before I take it to my first HPDE? Or do you think my tires would be okay for a little while if I just max out the negative camber on the stock set up? The LCAs are a little pricey, but I can justify the cost later on if it saves me money on tires.
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