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Originally Posted by BrantyB View Post
To me, the brake lines aren't an issue. I agree with Anker - use a staggered set of 18's with RE71s. I would highly recommend GT3 front lower control arms - because with the lack of camber you are only using 1/3 of the tire, particularly if you intend to hit the track. I'm not sure if that bumps you out of STR, but if it does, who cares? If you are using AutoX as an entry point to improve driving, classing is somewhat irrelevant.

This is the first year for me Autocrossing my '01 base, and I've described all I've done to the car (plus an alignment), and it is incredibly competitive. Maybe not with a prepped ND Miata or S2000, but among Porsches it does well.
Thanks for the reply! I thought pretty hard about it and came to not care about the stock classing anymore. Especially since I'm getting ready to do a preventative waterpump job and plan to throw an underdrive pulley in right away anyways. And it opens me up to other simple upgrades like Ben's short shifter.

And why 18's instead of 17's? Even if I have a 2.7, I was thinking of replicating the BSX set up.

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