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Smile Have you dynoed your 2.7L Boxster?

I just got back from Performance Autosport in Richmond, VA where I had my 2000 2.7L boxster dynoed, what fun. It was my first time at a dyno and the tech, Kevin was very helpful and answered lots of my novice questions. Things like what gear do the run the test in, 4th, which is closest to the 1:1 ratio of the engine/transmission.

Really cool to see the car strapped down (I forgot to bring my camera) and watch the tires spin up to redline in fourth gear (142 mph). The car sounded great, especially above 6000 rpm.

I only wish I had known about this Performace Autosports, which is a 1.5 hour drive from our home before I had a TTP intake, Fabspeed bypass pipes and Autothourty chip put in the car several months ago, I sure wish I had a baseline reading before I did any mods. BTW, Performance Autosports has a late generation Dynojet Research dyno, very cool. They did three pulls and came up with these numbers:

196.4 HP/ 168 torque
198.1 HP/ 169 torque
198.4 HP/ 169 torque

I will try to scan and post a copy of the readout, but I was impressed by the very flat torque curve, almost flat from 2200 rpm to 6500 rpm. It was also interesting to see that the power peaked at 6500 rpm, then dropped down pretty quickly above that to just 150 hp at 7500 rpm (Autothroity chip allows higher max rpm). The dyno run also showed that above 5000 rpm, I am running a little rich.

My question is, how do these HP numbers at the wheels relate to engine HP. I have heard that there is a 15-20% loss of HP between the engine rating and what shows up at the wheels. Does anyone know what that percentage loss is for our Boxsters?

Subjectively, it sure seemed like there was more performance when I had the TTP intake and chip put into my car. Now with these dyno numbers I am trying to figure out how much over HP over the factory rating I am making based on this dyno run.

I have been very pleased with the mods I have done to the car. The car has been running and sounding great. I have taken several long trips, logging almost 7,000 miles this summer. When I behave myself, I can get 29.5 mpg with steady highway driving with the top down. When I am messing around milage drops to 18-19 mpg.

Finally, having the dyno run done was a great way to spend a saturday morning and 75.00 for me and my teenage son. The two of us exchanged looks as we stood by and watched the Michellin's on the back of the Boxster spin up to over 140 mph and listened to the engine scream. Now thats what I am talking about,


2000 2.7L Boxster
Arctic Silver/Black, 50K

Brakes, Windshield, Shift Cables, MAF and O2 Sensors

TTP Cold Air Intake with BMC Filter Element
AutoThority Performance Chip
Fabspeed Bypass Pipes
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