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Just got back from a DE in Limerock, CT...

...and it was an absolutely unbelievable experience -- even though it poured rain all morning and rained pretty much all day with just a few breaks. This was my first DE and I am absolutely hooked. And it's not just the driving part -- the camaraderie, the people, the willingness to help, was great to experience, too. Tomorrow I'm going for another round. Just wanted to share my excitement with everyone. Few thoughts:

1. Boxsters are track animals. And most people there acknowledge it.
2. My Box S pretty much ate everything in front of it (Green group) including Carrerra S, 4S, older turbos, you name it.
3. PSM is worth ten times its weight in gold. Saved my butt couple of times today while accelerating a bit too fast out of the apex.
4. Two GT3's slid out of the track and got mashed up pretty good. Looked like pretty new ones too.
5. A DE event relaxes you about the car and lets you see its limits. Now I feel much safer and drive much smoother even on public roads. I also have much more appreciation for the car and reinforced how right was my decision to choose it. I absolutely LOVE this car!

I highly recommend a DE event to anyone who hasn't been to one.
Oh, if anyone on this forum is also in LImerock today and tomorrow, drop me a PM.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be less (or no) rain.
'06 Boxster S, 6sp, triple-black
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