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In 2003 I bought my Boxster off E-Bay, flew up to Portland to inspect & pay for it, $33K,15,400 miles.Then drove down the coast back to Manhattan Beach CA. This was the best trip I have ever had. P.S. Yes no sales tax in Oregon & no tax in CA if you wait 90 days after purchase to bring into CA so it was a long lesurly trip home. I had never heard of a IMSB at this time. At the minimum I recommend you have someone remove the oil filter housing & inspect the filter before you buy the car. If it's been more than 2,000 miles since it was changed go ahead & have the oil & filter changed.

Jerk that is constantly criticzing new forum members and overly advertising my rebuilt engine for sale for a highly inflating price along with other miscellaneous parts accumulated over my 20 years of ownership.

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