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Help! Windshield washer fluid in Coolant...

Hi everyone,

I lent my car to a friend and he called me up saying that the windshield wiper light was on. I told him to go ahead and poor fluids into the container with the "blue" cap in the front trunk.

Apparently he didn't know boxsters had a "front trunk" and assumed I meant back trunk, which also has a freaking blue cap. So he told me he poored about 1/4 a cup of washer fluid into it when he realized that it wasn't the windshield container (ugh!).

What should I do? I just opened up the manual and it says that sometimes in emergencies, one can poor PURE water into the coolant/anti-freeze container and then eventually you'd have to get it changed.

Is 1/4 cup of windshield wiper fluid going to mess up my car? Should I just buy new anti-freeze and attempt to replace it all together?


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