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Originally Posted by tommy583 View Post
Would it make sense to make the cutout on the bottom of the muffler and only make a hole on the bottom side of the inlet pipe? I ask because the outlet is below the inlet pipe. So if you only made a hole on the bottom near the outlet, it would seem more sound would make it to the outlet. Maybe it doesn't matter either, not sure about it. What do you guys think? To be clear, blue line on left side is inlet and the red line below it is the outlet to the tip on the left side.

I really don't think it would matter. I went clean through the inlet, so there are holes on top and bottom, anyway.
The benefit of doing it from the top is that it looks 100% stock since the welded on plates are hidden up top.

Side note: I went through a short tunnel the other day...holy balls! It's sounds beastly!
I'm going to have someone do a video of a drive by soon.

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