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FS: 1997 Boxster $11,500 only 45k miles w/ LN IMS

I am the second owner of this very nice and well maintained car. I will list out most of what has been updated . Car is in SC.
Arctic Silver with black interior
Runs and drives like a new car with the following done in the past 6 months
-over $3500 for all new clutch and ims rms
-dual row hybrid ceramic LN IMS,
- A/C was checked and tested when I got home first week- it was not cooling - easy fix as the p.o. shop didn't plug back in the electrical connectors for the compressor harness! But alas it was found by my mechanic and all the system re checked anyway- and in SCheat last summer and this year has been ice cold!

-new factory dual mass flywheel pressure plate and disc
-clutch slave and master cylinders and lines and fittings upgraded
-@8k miles on the 1.5 year old Michelin PS2sport tires on 17" factory turbo twist wheels

Factory hard top original to the car is in excellent condition inside, there is a scratch across the middle of top from p.o.
Soft top is like brand new because the previous owner never used it up, it is spotless not a stain or fade, and window has zero yellowing perfectly clear.
New coco mats
Also nice addition I put in a new rear factory Bose system that has the center speaker 2 mods on side and the downward facing bases. Also have hard wired IPhone/tablet charger in center console.

I am selling because we have another kid that will be driving soon and we need a newer bigger car and the wife says one toy is enough- My soon to be restored 914 will be back in the garage soon and I need the room too.

I purchased the car 18 months ago from a gentleman in NY(thru a friend and member here Vincent who had first crack but passed it on to me. At that time it had 37,500 miles on it and it had just been in the shop for refresh to pass NYC inspections- it was not being driven much and due to age needed new belts and hoses, he had them pull motor and replaced all the belts and vac lines etc (I was told he spent about $3500 in parts and labor). New brake pads all around and rotors were put in and the new tires right before I flew up to NYC to pick up car and drive it home.

The clutch work and IMS were done at a local well known independent shop by ad certified Porsche mechanic of 50 years experience(yes that's no lie, 50!) and it truly runs like a new car- IMS warranty is for 75k miles but should last as long as the car!
I have in 35 years of driving never worn out a clutch, 😴 The p.o. Must have slipped it conastantly up in NY traffic I suppose, I only put about 2500 miles on it before getting it done- the IMS was preventative while in there but glad to have piece of mind.

No rust, there are a couple small dents that would come out with pointless dent guy, and a couple scratches on each door due to pro idiot trying to put top on with doors shut and hard top pins scratched door on each side- no clear coat fade and very few stone chips. Headlights are clear like new no fade or yellowing.
No rips or tears on seats or dash.
I have had other boosters, one a 3.2 S , and this 2.5 is a great motor very quick, plenty of hp as it's it a higher revimg motor than the S- Jake Raby has be heard to say he likes these motors better as they are less likely to have issues.

Also I can say these early cars are a bit smaller and lighter and therefore more nimble and quick that their newer larger brothers.

I will post some pictures and can send more -
With all the work done the price is reasonable, new owner can have the piece of mind to know they can have many years and miles of fun before having to perform any major maintenance.
You may email me or call or text.
If you have to ship, I can help on this end but payment in full must be made via wire transfer before car leaves. Or PayPal could be considered or of course cash sale would be fine as well.

My info is : or call r text 84381two665three.
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