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OK, swap was pretty simple with the instructions from B&M, only thing they left out was that you do not need to reuse the plastic side-arm clip, the new shifter has a full size ball that fits nicely in the OEM pocket. Also, they do not tell you which side to place the adjustable cup for the new shifter, but since all adjust-ability is to the rear side of the assembly that is where I used it. All in all a pretty easy swap.

As for the operation, it will feel very tight at first while you are in the car without the engine running, (probably a good idea since you don't want to start it in case there are some adjustments necessary), but going through the gears it was at first difficult to find reverse, I had to find 4th before it would go into reverse. But once I felt comfortable with the adjustments I started her up and went through the gears with the parking brake on. All felt good, so time for a drive.

Reverse was easy to find once started, going from 1st to 2nd was tight and firm, did this a few times to get comfortable. The shifts are crisp, firm and exact, almost Ferrari like. Going from 2nd to 3rd was firm and good, same for 4th and 5th. Short, clean, crisp and firm, Going to put some miles on it this weekend, so hopefully all will go well. But for now, best mod I have done so far. And for $50, I would do it again.
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