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OK gents, here's the latest:-

I removed the belt last night and fired her up.
No noise.

I put the belt back on again and fired her up.
The rattle (it's a rattle gents. There was only one squeal that hasn't repeated itself) returned.

One of you mentioned that noise can travel. Well I'll be darned if my view last night hadn't changed from what I'd previously thought - i.e. that it was coming from the crank pulley. So, here's what I decided to do:- hold a screwdriver as safely close to the various pulleys as I could and see if the sound would travel up the screwdriver, the plan being I'd hold my ear to it. First place I held the screwdriver tip was just above the water pump. Before I took the chance to listen I noticed something. I could feel the rattle as a vibration through the screwdriver if I held it lightly. So I proceeded to try the same thing close to the other pulleys and guides. Nope. I was only feeling it at the water pump.

You suspected this. And you're right.
I've a replacement belt and water pump ordered with my motor factor.

Thanks for your input folks.
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