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Thanks again for the tune. Iím actually kinda surprised that my easy to guess DME codes worked.

I know pelican parts posted that a 996 cluster could be programmed for convertible or coupe. Iím not sure if it would make a difference or not as my cluster came out of an 02 with the metric speedo. I could always change it back and see if it works the next time youíre in town TRK. Perhaps If you can program a coupe or convertible into the cluster it can be programmed as if it were a 996 cluster.

I donít know how many people are running a 996 tune which is likely why not a lot of people report these types of issues with these particular years. Iím just happy the 986 roe tune worked and the annoying check engine lights off

One thing Iím curious is whether or not the 996 jumped into canbus in stages like the 986 did or if it was all at once.
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