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thought that i'd bump this thread so as to add to the collective knowledge. i hooked up with bsdriver a few weekends ago and had at his car with my pst2. this is what we learned ...

good news: 000000 is a valid DME programming code and worked quite well.

bad news: 2001 and 2002 cars appear to be ******************** outta luck for oem solutions to running a 996 tune or larger MAF holder. i've got a 2000 996 tune on my 3.2L 2000 S with the bigger maf holder and it works fine. newart has pushed a SE edition tune onto his 2004 to allow for the larger maf holder with no problems. same should work on a 2003 as they are the same.

it appears that 2001 (and i *presume* 2002) cars have a conflict that i think is tied to proto-CANBus implementation on these cars. 2000 had none, so everything talked to each other when i pushed the new tune. 2001 has some, but apparently not the same between 986 and 996 and i was getting all sorts of communications errors between dme, instrument cluster and hvac controller. we tried both a 2000 and a 2001 996 tune on his 2001 with no luck. ended up just putting a row tune on to make his post cat cels due to his new exhaust go away.

there may be a work around for it requiring some more invasive instrument cluster reprogramming, but such things are above my pay grade unless someone has some info that they could share, it which case i'd give it another go.
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