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Worth is a relative term. Not that I don't get the modding idea/mindset, but if it come down to you willing to invest $20K to $25K, with that kind of budget you can find a running Boxster S and do a hell of a lot of mods with less headache.

IE: exhaust, intake, suspension, audio, and wheels, could probably even do a 3.4L swap which I think someone said cost in the $11K range.

You will still probably never see a return on that investment either, but you would have much less headache doing them instead of trying to reengineer.

I am with Geof on values, you never know 944 prices are trending up also. I think if the value ever rises on boxsters it will be way out, but I do think prices are about as low as they will drop also. A genuine Porsche in good condition can be found in the $10K range.
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