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“Worth” is a reletive question. For a who-knows-what budget, just to see if you can do it... it might be “worth” it. Buying a roller and having a shop dump a non-Porsche motor in will get very $$$ very quickly. To me the only way a project like that could be worth the $$$ is if it were a DIY project and apporoached as a hobby. In terms of investment, given the current market for these cars $ wise, not a chance would it be “worth” it. It ultimately boils down to what you want from the car, and what it means to you, then judge the value proposition from there. Honestly, to some degree all of us that own these cars, and spend the $$$ to keep them up are in a similar boat. The good thing is, there are many that believe these cars are “not worth it” anymore and that means the inventory drops one day, and those of us that chose to keep these things running, might just luck out... the 356 was considered a throw away at one point... as was the 914...
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