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Lightbulb What Can I fit inside the '99 Boxster Shell

Hey Everyone,

I'm new to this forum have very little hands on mechanical experience besides very basic maintenance stuff (brakes, oil change, change a tire), so anything I have done to this car will be handled by professionals.

I came across a 99 Boxster rolling shell. it already has the engine/tranny removed according to the post. Seller wants 900 for it, he's holding it for me until tomorrow.

It's always been a dream of mine that for my next car I'd invest in building a car from basically the ground up. Right now I'm wondering if I could fit a supercharged Nissan Vq35DE in the 986. I'm sure that involves a ton of other work and that shouldn't be an issue as my current car is more than capable for a few more years. The reason I'm looking at this engine is because you can get a remanufactured VQ for about 2,000. As far as cosmetics, electronics, and upholstery I think I've got a place in mind for that already.

Is this worth tackling? Are there easier engine swaps that will result in an equal amount of power output? Don't need a rocketship really just something to. have some fun driving to and from work. I currently drive a G35 with an SC installed so I'd have to imagine that kind of power with a smaller, better handling boxster would be tons of fun.
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