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Originally Posted by Geof3 View Post
Stone, I see that you are an instructor. I remember an instructor awhile back mentioning that if the drivers seat is replaced/modified the pass seat needs to be the same? Does that ring true?

Yes for most clubs the driver and passenger setups must have equal restraints. This normally translates to the seat belts have to be equal (if driver has 6point passenger must have a 6 point) but the seats are normally up to the instructor. If you have a GT3 seat and a stock seat the instructor may not mind. If you have a stock passenger seat and a FIA race seat with a Halo they will be concerned.

***with boxsters racing seats are normally required to get the driver low enough to pass the broom stick roll bar test. In other words if your helmet isnít below the roll bar and windshield you wonít be allowed on the track.
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