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Originally Posted by Geof3 View Post
I am seriously contemplating a couple of things for my car this summer, but am torn on the "street" reality of my car. Two things, first ditch the damn power steering pump on the engine and associated plumbing and put in an electric up front. I would prefer to keep the frunk carpet if I were to do this, but I'm not sure if that is realistic or not. The other is ditch the A/C and components. Of course, this would save some significant weight. Anyone know how much? Also, any cons to removing these other than convenience/comfort? My primary concerns are properly removing the AC components without loosing my fan/heat capabilities. Anything I am missing, not considering?
not sure what the frunk carpet has to do with anything - electric ps pump will mount up where the cd changer sits no problem. electric ps requires significant fabrication - hoses, pump mounting bracket; not for the timid. or you can go manual - i did, no big deal.

ac can go without affecting heat or fan. just realise that you can delete ac or can delete ps, but if you delete both then you need to install a dummy pulley (or gut your ps pump - i have a gutted pump i can send you if you like). note that deleting ac is not just about weight; with the condensors gone you get a lot more airflow over the rads.

a lot of other places to save weight - airbags, stereo and speakers, seats, wheels, 2-piece rotors, suspension, exhaust, charcoal canister and smog pump, carpets, insulation, bumpers, spare tire, battery, roof motor, carbon hood, flywheel, skinnier gf, ... dude, i removed the struts that hold up my trunk and use a tent pole that i leave on the tarmac when i go out on the track.
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