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Originally Posted by Geof3 View Post
I am seriously contemplating a couple of things for my car this summer, but am torn on the "street" reality of my car. Two things, first ditch the damn power steering pump on the engine and associated plumbing and put in an electric up front. I would prefer to keep the frunk carpet if I were to do this, but I'm not sure if that is realistic or not. The other is ditch the A/C and components. Of course, this would save some significant weight. Anyone know how much? Also, any cons to removing these other than convenience/comfort? My primary concerns are properly removing the AC components without loosing my fan/heat capabilities. Anything I am missing, not considering?
You’re not going to get much weight from pulling either (compared to what you could pull at the point you’re at). Modern ac systems are faily light. You certainly can pull the ac without loosing air or heat though. The power steering is much more complex. There are a few threads on it but there is no good way to eliminate the pump. I’d start by converting your power top to a manual one (just pull the motor, gearbox and links), install a lighter battery, pull the sound deadening around the engine, and install lighter seats. You can get greatknock off GT3 seats online. Those three things could save around 150lbs.
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