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Originally Posted by NewArt View Post
Mine is a North American spec so it had 4 cats. I have deleted the secondary cats. I was not aware that European cars had broadband O2 sensors. I got a cel yesterday when my FRA maxed out at 1.32. I have an appointment next week to get the Anniversary Edition tune. I thought that I might take the ROW version.
Hello NewArt,

OK, thanks for the info.

Concerning the EU / ROW cars:

The EU / ROW 986 SE cars (266 HP) and also the base (228 HP) and S (260 HP) don't have the 2 front catalytic converters at the manifold like the US cars. They only have 2 "back" catalytic converters.

The broadband o2 sensors of the EU cars sit before and after the "back" cats. So there are 4 in sum. The OEM EU catalysators have 400 cells.

I'm not shure if the mapping needs to be different if you have front catalytic converters instead of back catalytic converters and non broadband 02 sensors instead of broadband o2 sensors, but i think it would make sense.

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