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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
There's a comment on the video about the instrument panel top warning light staying on. On my car, a 1999, the top light still functions normally. On my 2000 S that has everything including the top removed, the light stayed on until I jumped the connection:

On the 2000 - 2004 Boxsters the "Convertible top indicator light" on the instrument panel is controlled by a switch inside the left side roof transmission. You can make that light go out by jumping the Brown/Black wire to the Brown wire that connects to the roof transmission or just grounding the Brown/Black wire.

On 1999 and older the function is done by the "B-pillar switch". It should still operate normally after the top is converted to manual mode. The switch may be bypassed by jumping or grounding the wires to that switch.

Here's a thread that discusses that switch:
For a 2001, where exactly is this switch located? You indicated the "switch is in the left side transmission", do you mean the transmission under the clam shell? I pulled the transmission off the drivers side but I do not see the switch anywhere around or behind it. I don't think it's actually inside the gearbox since there are only a few 22awg wires going to it.
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