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2000 Boxster - gauge cluster removal - please help

Folks, on my car the key was getting hard to turn from off (0) to accessory (1) position. Especially when it was colder outside and/or the key hadn't been turned in awhile.

I first replaced the electrical portion of the ignition switch, but that did not help at all.

Next, following the guidance in the pelican tech article ( goal was to replace the mechanical portion of the ignition switch (aka pistol steering lock assembly).

To do that, you are supposed to remove the dash/gauge cluster first.

I was not able to get that done unfortunately. The instructions stated "D: Lift the gauge cluster up so that you can disconnect the wire harnesses on the back.".........but in my case I couldn't get the thing to lift off far enough (it seemed stuck on something I couldn't see on the driver's side moreso --- i'm guessing the wiring to the 3 cable harnesses on my car just didn't have much slack).

I had to decide on whether to just keep tugging away until it gave or to stop and avoid more $$ damage and chose the latter.

Any tips on how this gets done for a beginner? I'm going to be forced to take it into the dealer it seems if I can't figure this out.
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