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can't give any setup advice, but interested in whether it will yield faster lap times. i'd suggest that the car will not just get faster; rather, you will have to change how you drive to get results. the guys that drive the wing and slick cars at our local track say that it is a bit of a gut check to drive them properly - aero works at speed, so you have to drive fast to realise benefits. on a fast track you'll see better grip in fast sweepers which is cool, but the real fast comes from turn-in on tighter corners - keeping enough speed into the corner to keep your aero working to be able to go faster into the corner sort of thing. you can't use the normal, iterative approach to finding the limits of traction (ie, faster and faster into the corner until you start to lose grip). with aero, the faster you go the higher the limit is, so going in slow initially will create a lower, false threshold. you gotta go in fast and be ready to deal with the consequences. fortunately, most likely result is understeer which a bit of throttle steer should fix yes?
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