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Squeaky Belt

Hello all!!

The box has been running well for the past months, so nothing to report on...until now that is. We have a squeaking serpentine belt issue and need some info on the crank pulley.

We are on our 2nd new belt and it has now started to squeak again. The first one was about a year old (5000 miles) and it would squeak on cold days and we are now getting to cold days again. Once warmed up enough the squeak goes away. We replaced it 4 weeks ago with a new belt because it was easy to do. We are 1000% certain it's the belt. Allie replaced the tensioner bearing when she changed the belt but I don't think it needed it. If you give the toothed side of the belt a real quick squirt of carb cleaner it goes quiet for a bit.

The only thing I can think of to mention is the crank pulley has a bit of a wobble in it, like someone pried it from behind to take it off and bent it slightly. I'm now thinking that this slight wobble, when the belt is cold is causing the noise. Anyone see or have this happen before?? Is it safe to assume that the crank pulley should run true??
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