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Originally Posted by jspoljor View Post
I'm a bit on the heavy side, 5'10 220 with a 36 inch waist.
I used to be the same size (I've since dropped 40 lbs but that's another story) and most seat manufacturers make a size L or XL seat in addition to the standard (medium) size model.

I found that the Sparco Pro2000 II fit my width perfectly (the standard medium size Pro2000 was too narrow for my arse).

Here are the dimensions for the regular size Sparco Pro2000 and the larger Pro2000 II. As you can see, the interior width of the regular size is 330mm vs the wider 360mm larger II.

The best thing that you can do is sit in as many seats that you possibly can and note which fit well and then look up the dimensions and use that as a guide to select your final choice.

Last, if you are thinking about a halo seat consider any potential visibility issues while driving on the street.

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