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I am 6'2" 240# with a 34" inseam and really wide shoulders. The Recaro Profi XL is a perfect fit and is what have. Other seats I have sat in are the Bimarco Grip (halo seat, tight but fit), Bimarco Futura (tight but fit), Porsche/Recaro GT3 "alien eyes" seat - fit, and I have a Cobra Evolution Pro Fit GT Width that fits except it my shoulders are too wide (made the mistake of buying without sitting in the seat)

My advice - go to your next HPDE and ask to sit in the seat of everybody that has race seats if they have a Boxster so much the better, you can see all the details of their installation. And don't do like me a buy a seat (my Cobra) that it turns out doesn't fit my shoulders.

All the brands you mention make good FIA vertified seats and you probably wouldn't go wrong with any of them, once you find a seat that you like and that fits you.

One thing to keep in mind, down here in FL at least, PCA (Florida Crown region but maybe others, I think it came down from national) has started enforcing a "no seats with harnesses if you don't have a roll cage or roll bar". I have the BK roll bar extender and that meets the requirements of that. Their logic is if you are pinned to the seat by harness and the car rolls, your body/neck can't move to the side like it can with the OEM 3 pt belt and so you need the extra protection of the roll bar.
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