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Originally Posted by Vidyashankara View Post
Hi All,
I have a 99 boxster with 110,000 miles and a five speed transmission. Every time I shift from second to third, i get a some grinding. It was coming up intermittently last couple of days and now its happening every time i shift to third. Does not happen at any other gear. I can also feel the teeth grinding on the transmission shifter. The sound is pretty loud. Is this a bad synchro? I have also noticed on third gear, at 3k rpm precisely, i hear a small grinding sound for a millisecond. It does not happen at any other gear at 3k rpm.

Any one know what might be going on?
Not sure what you mean by hearing a "small grinding sound" at 3k rpm. Do you mean when you aren't shifting? The grind going in sounds like a synchro issue. You could try a fluid change but usually there isn't anything you can do short of replace or rebuild the trans. In the meantime, slowing down the shift will give the synchro more time to do it's job and reduce the grinding.
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