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GSR Power Steering Delete Pulley manufacturer?

I am converting to an electric power steering pump (TRW). I have no A/C, so i need a dummy power steering pulley to run my accesory belt.

Unfortunately, GSR is no longer around. My options are to gut the stock power steering pump or fab an 1/2" aluminum plate and mount a 3"/76MM pulley with a sealed bearing that can run with 6PK belt.

It would be great if I could figure out where GSR sourced their pulley. My guess is that it is a plastic Porsche, BMW, Audi, Dayco, or Gates pulley that is compatble with a 6PK belt. I just can't tell with the pics of their pulley on the web where they sourced it from. Does anybody have their kit? There must be some part numbers or identifiers on the pulley that would indicate where they source it from. If I could get this information, it would save me a ton of time trying to locate an alternative pulley.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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