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Originally Posted by kimbo305 View Post
Wow, finally saw this reply -- sorry I didn't reply sooner.
When I first pull out from my underground parking spot, I don't hear any groaning. I'll try to pay more attention to it. I've gotten more used to the clutch uptake, which is a bit disappointly non-linear, but still have to get more driving time on it.
Hey Kimbo - glad to have you back!

The most noticeable way to hear or feel the clutch pedal groan, and locate the source of the sound, at least in my case, is in a quiet environment, with door open, and engine switched off. But of course, no telling your car has same thing going on as mine, but might as well give it a try?

Originally Posted by kimbo305 View Post
I tried actuating the gas pedal while the car was off, with my hand. I couldn't tell that there was any stiction that way. The spring in the potentiometer is purely mechanical, right? I'm puzzled why I wouldn't have felt the little ticks by hand.
Speaking from my experience, I found the gas pedal stiction tended to be a bit intermittent/unreliable. When it was acting up, I could feel it loud and clear by test-actuating the pedal with my hand! (More sensitive to noticing stiction than by using your foot, IMO).

There were certain conditions (I think maybe temperature or humidity? Never could fully put my finger on it...) where it was more noticeable and problematic than others, those fleeting moments when it seemed OK. But with the fixed as I described, it's reliably smooth, and easy to modulate. It was amazing how much easier it was to launch slowly from a stop. The gas pedal stiction fix, I remember made a big difference in ease of smoothly launching from a stop. Easier to control engine rpms very accurately from a stop, when modulating the clutch.
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