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I agree, the pedal stiction issues that can afflict these case really detract from the Boxster driving enjoyment and experience!

I determined and wrote up a fix for the e-gas driver's pedal stiction issue. I saw in another thread you posted a mention that your Boxster is a 2004, which it means it's e-gas, so the diy I wrote would likely be applicable - check it out:

As for the other pedals, my brake pedal is smooth, so I'm sorry but I can't help you there.

The clutch pedal in my 2001 does groan noticeably when operated, and has a bit excessive effort, but I believe the problem is with the clutch throw out bearing and its related lever arm (probably being worn and/or needing lubrication) - will fix when I get around to doing a clutch job (not a huge priority in my case, since the clutch isn't slipping at all, and never has slipped. It does have a very minor amount of chatter which comes and goes...)

Try operating the clutch pedal in a quiet environment with the engine switched off, and with the door open. Listen under the car... do you hear a groan coming from behind/underneath the car? If so, probably same issue as mine. When the door is closed and when driving the car, it "feels" like the stiction/groaning problem is in the clutch pedal, but there seems to be nothing wrong with the pedal assembly, and the evidence is pointing to the transmission bellhousing area. Check that out on yours!

Hope this helps.
2001 Boxster

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