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Based on what I've seen from studying BRZO constantly, the current 986 market looks something like this. Keep in mind these are all asking prices on Craigslist, so I don't know exactly what every car eventually sells for.

$3500: Basic (i.e. no options) 2.5 with engine or other major issues
$5000: Basic 2.5/2.7 with no major issues, no service history
$6500: Good color or good options or low mileage 2.5/2.7 with service history, or 3.2 with major issues
$8000: Good color, good options, low mileage (pick two) 2.7 with service history, or basic 3.2
$10,000: Good color + good options 3.2, or immaculate 2.7
$14,000: Good color + good options + immaculate 3.2 with full service history and low mileage
$25,000: Ready-to-race Spec Boxster

My 2.7L is a good color (Arena Red) with good options (Full Leather, Litronics, 18" Turbo wheels, etc) and extensive service history (RMS, IMS, clutch, water pump, new transmission, etc), plus it has a hard top, which is why I have it priced at $8000.

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