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miro wheels cont.

I do have those wheels there are acouple things about them. 1st they make them in diffrent colors I personaly have light silver inner and polished lip. 2nd they are heavyer than stock but they are not 35lbs they are 35lbs with tire mounted roughly depending on inflation press. more press. more weight. 3rd wheel dynamics do have them @ the best price about 2100 shipped mounted balanced. 4th the price for a nice clean stagard fit is almost always more. 5th they are one piece cast why they are heavy, and cheap, but if you do crack one they are about a third of the cost of 2 or 3 piece forged so you have to crack about 3 to work out to one. 6th the tires that wheel dynamics puts on are Generals which are to be the "new" best buy for performance and quality. these tires are sweet and cost next to nothing for what you get. As people realize expect the price to climb. I do know tires very well and have had 20 diffrent sets or so over the last decade (performance). 6th and very best of all these wheels are made by ALT and the line is Miro and they have a model # of which I forget, any way they only make this wheel for porsche which means when your friend, neihbor or jacka** down the street with his BMW, honda,corvette(jacka**)whatever. had better go buy a porsche if they like these wheels. cooooool!
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