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Originally Posted by heliguy View Post
I installed an app on my iPhone called QMT (Quarter Mile Time) to measure my acceleration. I didn't try really hard (didn't rev high and drop the clutch.) With just a normal fast launch revving to redline in first I pulled a very surprising 5.5 sec. on the first try this morning with temps in the low 70's.

My car is an '03 s with the only an under-drive pulley, cat deletes, and a Che muffler.
You had to have shifted to 2nd as redline in 1st is around 35

Originally Posted by Giller View Post
Spec on that model is 5 seconds, so not bad for a first effort. Wonder how accurate the app is? Is there a +/- listed in it?
The book says 0-60 with a manual is 5.4 sec, so 5.5 is pretty f'in good

Is there a difference between USA and Canadian MPH?

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