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I also think you should look for another car. When I was searching for one, every car I saw with the exception of 2 were in pristine condition (interior/exterior). The 2 that had scratches, major dings, torn leather also had mechanical problems. What was the idle RPM, if it was normal then you would need to worry about the shaking. In any event I would be concerned about the owner who would drive car with the engine shaking at idle. What other maintenance did they fail to do, or what other problems with the car did they fail to repair and now has become a bigger issue.

When I bought my car the mechanic who looked at it advised me that based on the problems with the car he cautioned me about other hidden issues because he felt the car was not cared for. As it turned out I was able to contact the previous owner, get the history. With that information the mechanic gave me the ok to buy it.

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